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More than just words...

The illustrations in the book provided a new dimension. I understood that children like being read the same story a gazillion times so I wanted to make the book more than just words.

The illustrations are playful, quirky, contain positive messages and numerous characters that are not mentioned in the book - like a mischievous mouse, a squawking parrot and a humble turtle called Dexter.

With the aid of the illustrations, you have the opportunity to interact with your child beyond words and tailor the book to their age. Here are some of the games I've made up along the way:

  • Find Dexter the turtle - he's hiding in every page!
  • What animal is that? - Ask your child to identify the different animals in the book - the cutest experience I had whilst playing this game was with my husband's nephew; I pointed to the broken egg shell with the chick next to it and asked him what came out of the egg and he replied "A yolk!".
  • How many...? Ask your child to count the number of objects or animals they see on the page.
  • What colour is that? There are many primary coloured objects which you can ask your child to identify.
  • What's the mouse doing? The mischievous mouse can be quite naughty and we have a conversation whether his behaviour is appropriate or not. I've found that the children are often on the receiving end of being told what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour - they seem to find this exercise a refreshing change.

Whilst the book is stimulating for pre-school children, it is also suitable for children in their early reading years. The rhythm and rhyme makes it an enjoyable reading experience and the quirky humour brings a smile to their faces.