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Where does the name "Freestove" come from?

Freestove Publishing

Many people ask "Where does the name "Freestove" come from?" so Zia Grace invites you to make a cuppa and relax while she tells you the story....

"After reading The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield in 1998, I became highly attuned to "coincidences". One night, while on a blind date (that's ANOTHER story!), I found a bright orange stove on the side of the road that had a sign saying 'FREE 1973 IN WORKING ORDER'. I had a profound sense it would mean something in my future, so I loaded it into the back of my Mazda Astina, much to the bemusement of my blind date (needless to say he never called me back).

"I somehow believed that if I followed the "signs", it would lead me to my destiny. Years later, I spoke to an intuitive healer about the free stove and she said that it was ME! Referring to my reproductive problems, she said I needed to free my stove - by that she explained, "When a woman is pregnant, people say they have a 'bun in the oven' and the colour orange is that of the reproductive chakra. The fact that the sign said "free" means you have to free your uterus (I shuddered when she said it so bluntly).

"That conversation stayed with me until I was traveling in Vietnam in 2006 and was tired of writing my contact details over and over again - so I decided to get 100 business cards at the bargain price of $1. Being thrifty, I thought to myself "I might as well design something for The Freestove" - even though I had no idea what The Freestove would manifest into. I also came up with the mantra liberation, creation, transformation as that is what The Freestove means to me."