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Meet the Real Nubsy McNoodle & Bullfrog

Photo of Jess and Zach, the inspiration behind Nubsy McNoodle & Bullfrog

Nubsy McNoodle and Bullfrog are real people. This is how they became characters of a children's book.

My husband Patrick and I stayed with our good friends “Team Canada” in Vancouver Island during 2005. Their children, Jess and Zach, are nicknamed Nubsy McNoodle and Bullfrog and I remember thinking they would be great children's book character names. They're great kids, funny, creative and wonderful company.

Nubsy (Jess) recently turned 9. She is a petite “pocket rocket” with a dynamite personality and the curliest hair that looks like noodles! She is very creative and enjoys entertaining herself. She makes her own board games, writes and illustrates her own hand made story books and staples them in the middle like real novels. She is also quite brave and has another nickname "mountain goat" - she can climb almost anything and shows a no fear attitude. She has a great deal of courage.

Bullfrog (Zach) is excellent at sport and recently competed in a SAPSASA State Final. He is also quite the philosopher and often reads me his thought for the day - quite profound for a 10-year old! He's not as grubby as the book character, although he does like to pull funny faces and do macho poses, which earned him the name "footy head". His red hair was inspired by "crazy hair day" at his primary school in Canada where he dyed his hair to look like a bright red flame.

The two siblings are competitive, yet they are fiercely protective of one another - when push comes to shove, they really love and care for each other. Jess really does love to doodle and Zach looks forward to eating kebabs every Friday night!

Photo by James Knowler.